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We are excited to announce the  Open Call for Abstract for the Student Conference (sbe22) Berlin as a part of the Pop-Up Campus  is now open for Submission!

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The Student Conference

Call for Abstracts

The Natural Building Lab and the Habitat Unit of the TU Berlin are pleased to announce a Call for Contributions as one of the participating universities as Partners in the context of the Pop-Up Campus Aachen in the summer semester 2022. Integrated into the discourse on building in the existing fabric, a programmatic focus will be on approaches and processes of circular building, the handling of recyclable materials and constructions with renewable or natural materials, as well as research on urban and regional questions on commodity and material cycles. On the one hand, the experimental and future-oriented approaches of students will be discussed, as well as the challenges and opportunities of research and methodology in architectural teaching. The program will take place at the TU Berlin as part of the international conference on “sbe22 berlin - sustainable built environment within planetary boundaries” and will enable the students of the Pop-Up Campus to exchange ideas with international scientists and present their projects. The Students Conference at the TU Berlin will be accompanied by a workshop on “Educational Perspective on Research and Teaching in Architecture” as part of the Pop-Up Campus program. For this Student Conference, we cordially invite Students throughout Germany, with this special focus on the Pop-Up Campus partner universities to submit entries by May 22th 2022. Students can apply with their current semester project or with a short abstract and complementary visuals. A group of faculty and students will review the submissions and invite a number of projects for the conference in Berlin in September.

Abstract Submission

If you are interested in presenting your work,please submit your abstract of 200 - 250 words in English or German electronically via the ConfTool.

Information on acceptance of abstracts and preparation of full papers will be announced by the end of June 2022.All abstracts will be reviewed by a scientific committee of professors, researchers and students.

After the Full Paper Review the selected projects will be presented at the conference in the form of oral presentations or posters at sbe22 Berlin D-A-CH conference at TU Berlin on the 21 & 22 September 2022.


sbe22 Berlin Partner


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Material and Commodity Circuits

How does the circulation of materials and commodities contribute to shape the built environment? How can we create a critical understanding of material circuits in order to push for more sustainable and just urbanization in planetary boundaries?

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To find answers to these questions, we invite research-based contributions or experimental mappings tracing material and commodity circuits as well as their implications for urbanized spaces on different scales. Ideally, abstracts should summarize the topic and key question of your research projects as well as specific site(s) of investigation, your approach (methods/mapping strategies) and the conclusions you expect.

Constructive Design for a Post-Fossil Society 

How can we build in the existing fabric and revitalize the existing built infrastructure? How does the depleting resources, construction waste and emissions impact the way we design our future built environment? 

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With an aim to counter material scarcity and circularity in construction we call for concrete Design - Research based approaches and Design methodology that demonstrates better use of resources in the building sector and use of renewable - natural resources.



Sarra Abid

TU Berlin

David Bauer

TU Berlin

Elke Beyer

TU Berlin

Stephan Birk

TU Munich

Anna Brendel

TU Munich

Merlin Ehlers

TU Berlin

Elisabeth Endres

TU Braunschweig

Victoria Eyrich

Uni Kassel

Lena Feit

KTH Stockholm

Laura Franke

TU Munich

Kim Gundlach

TU Berlin

Anke Hagemann

TU Berlin

Linda Hildebrand

RWTH Aachen

Georg Hubmann

TU Berlin

Sina Jansen

TU Berlin

Ulrich Knaack

TU Darmstadt

Nina Pawlicki

TU Berlin

Selina Schlez

TU Berlin

Tatjana Schneider

TU Braunschweig

Alexander Stumm

Uni Kassel


Shortlisted contributions

Transformative Spaces - Experimental large-scale Projects

Superumbau 2035

Karen Schäfer, Marius Schumann

Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

Reanimate the shed!

Verdiana Greco, Maria Kasibadze, Felina Réssy, Paula Kandzia

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany


Marie Dewey, Stine Hahnel, Johannes Zerfaß, Theodor Deistler

RWTH Aachen, Germany

Sustainable Transformation of University Campuses

Seher Ulusoy, Mariia Polyakova

RWTH Aachen, Germany

Deep Experimentation

Léon Patrick Gross

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

RZ Minimal macht Maximal

Carolina Marlene von Hammerstein, Laura Wetzel, Clara Harbecke, Isabella Bönke, Charlotte Dahmen

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Material Flows and Commodity Chains

Backstein und Beton

Matthew Straub, Katrina Malinski

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany


Leon Falke, Louisa Brüssermann, Jule Katinka Immel, Nina Möllering

Hochschule Bremen, Germany

Lehmbaukultur und ihre Vorurteile

Abhinav Thakkar

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

syncing urban-rural cycles

Paul Strobel, Tino Imsirovic

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Material Matters

Marvin-Tim Pientka

Hochschule Bremen, Germany

Design and Process - Reduce, Reuse, recycle

Design to Production

Nora Grzywatz, Benjamin Zweig

Universität of Kassel, Germany

Good for global climate and indoor climate?

Gioia Maria Helene Groth, Lilli Charlotte Böhm

Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

Museumspavillon und Wissenspfade

Julius Hempen

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Leichtes Gepäck

Maximilian Jost, Anna Hahn

Technische Universität München, Germany

Potentials and challenges of Robotic Spray Earth Printing

Joschua Gosslar, Gerardo Pacillo, Noor Khader, Norman Hack, Harald Kloft

Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy


Jasper Ludwig Krause, Simon Wirtz

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Universität Kassel, Germany
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

Torre de la Almazara

Moscoso Lizama, Cristian Alejandro

University of Talca, Chile

Architecture as a living system

Viktoria Bacheva

Technische Universiteit Delft, Netherlands



April 2022

Call for Abstracts

May 2022

Submission deadline for Abstracts

June 2022

Review of Abstracts

June 2022

Abstract Acception

August 2022

Final Paper submission

August 2022

Review of Final Paper

Sepember 2022

Presentation and Exhibition at the Conference 

September - October 2022

Documentation and Publication



Student Conference sbe22 Berlin will take place from 21 September to 22 September in Berlin.

As a part of the Student Conference, 20 July 2022 is a workshop day organized to bring Perspective from students and teachers together on the topic “Educational Perspective on Research and Teaching in Architecture” in Berlin as a Hybrid event. The 21 September is the first day of the conference, where participants will make the Final Poster/ Paper(Oral) presentation organized in Sessions spread across the entire day. The second day of the Conference will continue with the presentations followed by the Concluding Ceremony. The conference will take place in the TU Berlin main building as a hybrid event. Along with the Conference, there will be an Excursion organized to visit various locations and projects in Berlin and surrounding Brandenburg region.

20 September 2022

Workshop in Berlin

20-23 September 2022

Student Conference at TU Berlin



You can download the Timeline as .pdf here