Communal Climate Action (Tegel Airport)

Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 10:00 - 14:00

detailed programme info herein cooperation with Tegel Projekt GmbH

The aim of the workshop is to deepen the discussion on municipal requirements and concepts for a climate-friendly transformation of the neighbourhood and building sector. As stated in the United Nations New Urban Agenda and the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities, the transformative power of municipalities is considered a driving force for a livable and just future. City networks and alliances at the global and international level bring about a valuable exchange of knowledge and experience on how municipalities and cities can act as powerful and agile institutions, yet for a sustainable transformation, stronger networking of municipalities at the regional level must be politically shaped and anchored in the administration. There is a need for a stricter definition of the requirements and touchstones for a climate-friendly municipal neighbourhood and building sector (clean construction sector), as well as the question of inter- and intra-regional administrative units and tools such as reallabs, test rooms or building exhibitions, which can support and accelerate the transformation of an entire sector through experimentation and model character. Against the background of European best practice examples, the workshop will discuss municipal strategies for a clean construction sector with participants from politics, administration, business, science and civil society.