OPEN TO PUBLIC// Student Conference Opening

Tuesday 20.9. 17:00-21:00 at Floating University

detailed programme info herecooperation with Pop Up Campus

An integrated students conference will enable students to exchange ideas with international scientists and present their own projects, as part of the Pop-Up Campus. A programmatic focus will be on approaches and processes of circular building, the handling of recyclable materials and constructions with renewable or natural materials, as well as research on urban and regional questions on commodity and material cycles. As a part of the student conference, an opening event in a workshop format will be held on the 20.09 at the floating university starting at 18:00 Uhr, as an open event. The SBE is excited to invite speakers to share critical perspectives on architectural teaching and learning methods in the context of the student conference and share some insights on their own approaches on research methods, model projects bridging practice and teaching, design build processes or self-organized student initiative projects. The open event is an invitation to all people interested to participate in the discussions and workshops with the scientific committee and the participating students of the conference.