Real World Laboratories in the Building Sector - climate-proof transformation and leap innovation for planning and building within planetary boundaries

Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 16:30 - 18:00

at TU Berlin Main Building H1035 in cooperation with Natural Building Lab

The building sector in Europe is responsible for 30% of waste generation, uses 40% of non-renewable energy and is thus a major driver of climate change and resource scarcity. In order to achieve the Federal Environment Agency's goal of a climate-neutral and resource-efficient building sector by 2050 at the latest, radical innovation is required with the aim of climate-adapted and life-cycle-oriented planning and construction of buildings. The construction industry, especially in building construction, is not very inert and innovative; innovations take many years from basic research to market maturity. In order to achieve the climate and resource targets in the building sector, innovation thrusts are needed in all areas from material and construction development to the cycle-compatible design and adaptability of entire buildings. This requires the development of methods for cross-actor and cross-disciplinary experimental spaces in climate-friendly building construction, as well as new framework conditions and fields of action. Real laboratories in the building sector can be used at the level of material and construction development, but also in the sense of linking change in the building sector to society (citizen science) and, in the context of necessary alternative approaches to sustainable new and existing building planning, methodically frame the realization and implementation of experimental (building) research in practice. The Transformation Forum will bring together experts from science, building & planning practice and politics in order to define transformative potentials of Real world Laboratories as experimental fields in the building sector, and to define yet missing principles for the methodological framework of Real world Laboratories in the planning and building practice.