CANCELLED// New European Bauhaus (NEB): BMWSB as National Contact Point in Dialogue

Wednesday, 21.09.2022, 14:30 - 16:00

at TU Berlin Main Building H1035in cooperation with Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB)

In September 2020 the European Commission launched an ambitious and wide-ranging process, the New European Bauhaus. The initiative is intended to be an environmental, economic and cultural project which aims to combine design, sustainability, participation and investment to kickstart a renovation wave which helps deliver the European Green Deal. The core values of the New European Bauhaus are sustainability, aesthetics and inclusiveness. The New European Bauhaus is a creative initiative breaking down boundaries between science and technology, art, culture and social inclusion and enabling interdisciplinary action to find new solutions to everyday problems. Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building as the National Contact Point for NEB in Germany has already established a dialogue platform. The priority fields of action are a focus on the housing stock, considering emissions and the use of valuable resources throughout the lifecycle, an action at the neighborhood level and apply of cultural knowledge and practices from other times and other places. The special session will inform about the actual NEB-LAB as a co-creation space to develop enabling conditions for the green transition, such as new tools, frameworks, policy recommendations – and to trigger tangible transformation on the ground. Topics are “Regulatory analysis and experimentation”, “Nordic carbon neutral Bauhaus”, “Labelling Strategy” or “Transforming places of learning” and “NEB goes South” as a network to improve education through architecture. Using examples, the discussion will explore how an NEB could emerge and present itself in Berlin and surrounding area as venue of the conference.