Climate Protection in the Built Environment (Round Table)

Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 14:00 - 17:30

at TU Berlin Main Building H1035

Climate protection in the construction and building sector as part of sustainable development is a complex task. A climate-neutral Europe presupposes a climate-neutral building stock, i.e. a building stock that does not cause or compensate for greenhouse gas emissions during maintenance, additions and operation. This climate-neutral building stock should and must be achieved by means of sustainable planning, construction and operation. The prerequisite is the interaction of basic methods, requirements, data and tools, documentation and communication possibilities, funding programs, legal requirements and instruments for improving transparency in the real estate market in a cross-thematic and cross-departmental approach. The workshop should discuss the possibilities of a division of labor approach of existing instruments as well as approaches to their further development. Participants are not only from the scientific community, but also represent individual DGs of the EC related to the construction and real estate sector as well as the federal ministries in Germany related to construction, climate and economy as well as environment. The planned exchange will last approximately three hours.