Prototyping Material Cycles (Haus der Statistik)

Tuesday, 20.09.2022, 10:00 - 14:00

detailed programme info here in cooperation with Haus der Materialisierung and Zusammenkunft Berlin

The workshop at the Haus der Statistik as part of the sbe22 berlin conference entitled "Prototyping Material Cycles" focuses on circular economy in urban development and architecture. Based on the need for a structural and systemic transformation of the building sector, the focus is on the questions of global and regional material cycles, the reuse and recyclability of building materials and materials and their use in the planning and realization phase, as well as the necessary system interfaces in relation to processes and actors. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the general, structural and political issues against the background of concrete, prototypical project contexts and to interlink them with practical experience. The venue itself is thus an actor - the Haus der Statistik is a Berlin model project for cooperative and urban development based on common good and has been a test laboratory for experimental and user-supported project development since 2015, for example with the Real World Laboratory for Circular Economy - “Haus der Materialisierung” or with the construction project of three climate-neutral experimental houses for new forms of living and socio-cultural uses.